Learn from life.

I think every girl went through such tantrums thrown by society. Take a stand for ourselves, we are not less than anyone..!!


What is more beautiful than love.?

He asked

“Our strange relationship “

She answered ..!!

Happy bday..!!

Last week when I was in market I went in one shop for buying kurti and when I enter I saw owner of the shop was busy. He was draping dress to kanha ji. He said wait for 10 minutes and continued with his work. In between he was talking to me. He said you do kanha ji worship. I said yes regularly, in my home also little laddu Gopal ji.

Then he was told me about how he get kanha ji.

He used to go Vrindavan and in temple he just saw kanha ji and he saw kanha ji was in same dress which he saw in last time. What he feel inside don’t know he started crying and cried a lot then persist told Him take that kanha ji with yourself, you can’t live without him and he can’t live without you.

He was B.tech and doing job in Nepal. He left his job because they can’t give holiday that frequently. And he won’t able to visit Vrindavan.

From that kanha ji is also living with him. He started his own shop and he even didn’t knew how the funds arranged and how every thing start.

I was so mesmerized that he himself stitch the dresses..😊

South Indians


Last week when I was in Hyderabad (famous for Biryani). Actually I was there, to stay there for 4-5 months and reached there near by 10’o clock. when me shifted to my apartment, me got to know that my landlord was South Indian basically Telugu and me Marwari and then started thinking about culture difference and language etc. then met to landlord son his name was Ashok and his sister in law her name was Shravani and they knew little bit of Hindi then start talking to them in English and little bit of Hindi with mixture of Telugu. Then met with their parents and they didn’t know Hindi as well as English only  Telugu. They showed us apartment and called his sweeper to clean the house and said if we need anything just called us, we stay just downstairs. We gave him rent in advance and back to apartment.

That sweeper also  Telugu, he don’t know any language other than  Telugu. He cleaned the whole house and then he went. We done with the breakfast and then take a bath after that we set the kitchen. Then we went downstairs and ask for some drinking water. Then we had a lunch and in between lunch me started crying and said wanna go home, can’t stay here. After that my family in confusion as well as surprised what to do. Then finally decided that ‘ll not stay here and we will going back to our home and I was relaxed and happy. After that, went to landlord and narrate the whole situation. Landlord was too helpful and he easily agreed that if you don’t want to stay here, no problems and it’s your 1st day. No one can easily survive in south India especially North Indians. After that we again started packing our luggage which we unpacked. Sharvani and her sis in law come upstairs and talk to us. and said what happened suddenly, you have  come a long way, don’t go like this, stay here for 2-3 days. They offered me, go with us for shopping, we will do fun and enjoy but don’t take such a quick decision. But that time I was not in state to listen anyone or anything. Finally we called the cab and set luggage. Last time, we met with the family.

That day I understand, In India, there is different state with different language but by heart everyone is same. They people was so helpful and great.

Best landlord in my life till date. Now I think that, I was in Hyderabad all over from Rajasthan in that South Indian family only for 8 hours, just for breakfast and lunch..

This is life
Unexpected and Unimaginable.


He said
We never disclosed our love or affection towards each other openly but we both know where we stand for each other.

She said
I wish everything was just my dream.

He said
I always thought that some day i will turn up in front of you and ask will you marry me….
Till that time i dnt wanna make any promises because our relationship was different… But i didnt knew that I never got a chance and things will turn up this way..

Both speechless..


“Sometimes I see myself as a child in a rain storm, running around trying to catch all the drops in my mouth. I long for adventures to be like the raindrops the child saves and not those which crash to the ground”…
Those Tiny droplets changes the perception of person. If tiny droplets on leaves it’s glorify the leave and look like a pearl on leave..

When droplets on any other thing then they look hazy but when you clear the droplets. You will see the thing more clear..
Beauty lies in the eyes of person..and depend on how they connect with the things..
Some people feel the tiny droplets others just wet in the rain..
Enjoy the rain n cherish the memories..


Sister is best blessing anyone can ever have. A special person to hold your hand . When you are in dark lighten you up.
When ever you need them they are always at your side to Cheer you up and make you laugh.

A person listen to you when you don’t know what to say and how to say. when you are less of words she can understand you without saying a words.

A partner in crime who’s always at your side in all your stupid crazy things.

Whenever you do any mistake she rectify your mistake and scolding you like a teacher.

She take care like a mother guide you like a father. Understand like a friend..

Complete the life in one relation. Blessed to have you in my life.

Love you..😘😘

My girl 

Life treating you well?’ he asks.

‘I guess we all get our knocks. I’ve just got a big one now. I am down but not out.’

‘That’s my girl!”..😊😊

Friends special 

Friends does not need daily conversation or to being together but when ever they meet it seems they are always together .. 

They do bitching, laugh together Never forget to do stupid things..

With friends small things we do become big things And in future these small things which we miss the most..
These small things became beautiful memories..

Every relation made by God but friends are chosen by us..

Never forget such friends..enjoy with them every moment of life..

Friendship is perishable..cherish this..

Friends rocks…😘

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